There’s no doubt that polish female persons are luxurious. Society knows many attractive polish models and hot polish girls. Many world-famous female figures have polish origin. For example: Mia Wasikowska, Barbara Brylska, Kasia Struss, Małgosia Bela, Daga Ziober, Monika Lewczuk, etc.

It is difficult to distinguish any special feature by which a polish girl can be recognized, but, in fact, they are all beautiful. The geographical factor also played a significant role. Poland is a country in central Europe, so it is a kind of East and West mix. Polish ladies have Slavic features. Most of them are pale-skinned and have blond or brown hair. Any eye color can be found, but the vast majority of girls are light-eyed. They have round faces, full lips, and like to smile a lot. Women from Poland are not very tall but have long legs.

Polish maiden looks feminine and elegant. Her actions are also full of femininity and confidence at the same time. She loves to get attention. Beauty is her primary weapon to achieve this goal. It’s hard to find a girl with messy hair or dirty shoes on Polish streets.

Women in Poland look after themselves a lot. Especially they pay much attention to perfumes and accessories. There are many girls with fashionable hats, bags and appropriate watch or earrings in Poland. As for perfumes, ladies adore expensive and famous brands, so when you pass by, you will be able to breathe in fabulous aroma.

Manicure and make-up also play an important role but polish women do not use make-up too much. They prefer natural beauty. The maximum is a cream for evening complexion and tinted eyelashes. Evening make-up, of course, is brighter, often with a focus on the eyes. Red lipstick is rarely used here, preferring to more gentle natural tones - pink, peach or just glitter.


polish women

Polish girls are not only good-looking. Their personality is another thing which can attract any person. They are hardworking and smart. There are various issues to discuss even with young girl. They are well-educated and motivated to find a profitable work. Family values, partner’s loyalty and respect for husband - are the main advantages of polish women. They are also mothers who are full of love and tenderness to their children. Madams are looking for long-term relationships. Most of them are not gold diggers. They are searching for a true love and will love you for your personality, not money. People are Catholic in Poland, predominantly. This factor also influences the way polish individual sees the world.

Another important aspect about women of all ages in Poland is also worth noting - hospitality. They love guests and cooking, so you won't leave their home hungry. Women also care about their husbands and cook for them with love and pleasure. Pretty polish girl will definitely attract the attention of the public, especially men. Modern girls in Poland are very sociable. It’s easy to communicate with them. Girls are open to new acquaintances or dating and don’t be afraid to express their emotions. They spend much time communicating on social networks and try to avoid being alone. Many girls and women work and do not have much time, so dating through social networks is a good option for them and a common practice. Polish ladies are very mobile. They can decide to meet a friend in a coffee shop or go to the cinema in five minutes; or even pack a backpack in an hour and go on a trip.

Female persons in Poland have displayed the desire to be beautiful since childhood. From a young age mother has taught daughter to take care of herself. Pretty polish girls are fond of stylish clothes of famous brands. They always know what to wear to impress anybody. Many of them have an innate taste of fashion. For this reason girls and women always look amazing and spectacular like real polish models.


polish girl

Poland has the same ideal of feminine beauty as in other European countries or in the USA. The ideal female figure in Poland is athletic and slim. Polish maiden usually has slender legs and a slim waist. There are also attractive plump ladies. Both of them pay much attention to their look, so it’s hard to find uncared person.

Many pretty polish ladies live in Poland. This causes a competition between them. Each girl tries to look flawless and have a perfect body. Young girls often read fashionable magazines where they see gorgeous polish models who have the ideal figures. They try to follow their tips in order to look like them. Polish dame takes care of her body. You can notice a lot of hot polish girls when they are running through the park in the morning. Persons try to lead an active lifestyle and take care about their well-being. It’s quite common to meet a woman on a bicycle in Poland. They also visit fitness centres 2-3 times a week. That’s why polish ladies are in a good shape.

There is also another reason why do polish girls have a perfect figure. They pay a lot of attention to the food they eat. Girls try to consume only healthy food and avoid fast-food courts. They also prefer to cook healthful meals for their husbands and children by themselves.


So now we have an idea of how do polish woman look like, what makes her so pretty and what values she has in life. If you are looking for loving, intelligent and kind girl who has a perfect figure - polish girl will be a right variant.