Do Guys Like Curvy Women

Some men go crazy about athletic and slim girls, and some prefer curvy ladies. Most likely, girls who lead an active lifestyle, play sports and keep a diet, will not agree with this statement. But nevertheless, over the past years, chubby and feminine beauties are increasingly gaining popularity. So yes, it’s fair to claim that lots of guys favor curvy women.

Top 25 Hot Curvy Women & Girls for dating

If you think that you need to cross the globe to find a curvy woman for dating, you’re wrong since they can be found everywhere. To make this task even easier for you, we’ve created a list of top 25 stunning curvy females that’ll make your brain explode after seeing their beauty:

25. Vika

Meet a typical representative of a wild female side. Her hot temper and spicy shapes will make you crave more of her visually tasty body. But these are not the only merits she has - there’re lots of angles in her character that you’ll need to decipher if you dare

perfect curvy women

24. Inna

This woman’s tender yet seductive forms are the dream of millions of males. Just look in her eyes, and you’ll understand everything she’s up to: gracefulness, seduction, charm and glory all in one. You won’t want to miss a chance to meet her!

very curvy women

23. Larisa

What else can be more tempting than the image of one of the impeccable and beautiful curvy girls? Her natural look and sexy body are hard to resist. You can try your luck and date her, but be careful not to burn yourself with her hotness.

pretty curvy ladies

22. Kris

This girl was born to make your wildest fantasies come true! Whenever you feel you’ve seen everything in your life, look at her. Her beauty is out of space, while her pretty body is something you’ll never forget.

curvy women dating

21. Simona

Not only her name is sexy and exotic - her seductive lips, big breasts and mouth watering butt will make you feel like you’re at a carnival in Mexico. Don’t forget to take a shot of tequila and put on sombrero, because this night is going to be hot as Simona herself.

hot curvy babes

20. Olga

What a perfect Slavic lady! She’s one of those curvy babes who are both submissive and dominant at the same time. You’ll never get bored with her, and the journey promises to be interesting. You can make her happy by taking her on a ride, so go ahead.

curvy babes

19. Masha

This girl is certainly having the time of her life whenever she does anything. But when it comes to dating, Masha doesn’t take things for granted and does all it takes to satisfy her potential boyfriend.

beautiful curvy ladies

18. Liza

You won’t like to miss an opportunity to meet this curvy lady and have some fun together. Liza is not an easy lay though, and this is the point that spices up the whole game.

hot curvy ladies

17. Karina

This femme fatale is dangerous to play with, so you’ll have to roll up sleeves and fight for her attention till the end. But once you win, it won’t take long to see her nude body in your bed.

sexy curvy ladies

16. Ira

Trying to allure this sexy girl with empty promises is not the right way to treat her. Ira likes to dot every comma and put things straight, so do your best to win the heart, and body, of this cute princess.

curvy naked ladies

15. Masha

Masha is one of the curvy women who always call the shots. She’s taking the lead in everything she does, expect dating. In this case, she turns into a furry kitten ready to be pleased by her strong man.

curvy ladies

14. Ala

They say the third time’s the charm, but Ala highly disagrees with this statement. She belongs to curvy women who can’t wait long for her desires to be fulfilled. Go grab a bite of this cherry pie while it’s still hot.

sexy curvy chicks

13. Larisa

Curvy women dating is a belief Larisa swears by. She is convinced that women with spicy shapes are no worse in bed than slim girls are. And if you find this opinion rather delusional, wait until you see this beauty naked.

hot curvy chicks

12. Nina

Nina belongs to the type of curvy chicks who are confident and free. Their beauty is something you can’t argue about, and their eye-popping bodies are impossible to ignore. Just take a look at this queen and see for yourself.

curvy chicks

11. Alisa

Alisa is one of the curvy women who show a completely different world in the adult version of Alice’s adventures in wonderland. Get ready to immerse into endless seduction, passion and temptation that’ll make you lose your mind.

hot curvy girls

10. Mira

Implicit smile, charming posture, confident look - all this and more is a perfect description of Mira. She likes to please men with appearance and knock them down with her charisma.

sexy curvy girls

9. Luba

Her body's sweet like honey, and her magnetic look is difficult not to notice. She smiles with dignity, knowing perfectly well how to give men what they want. Maybe you’re one of the machos who’ll make her happy?

curvy girls

8. Mila

The sharpness of her character does not stop her from being tender and fragile inside. Meet Mila - the one and only curvy girl who can give you much more than you ever dreamed of. Fasten your seatbelt, because you’re entering the turbulence zone.

super curvy women

7. Anna

You won’t find such a perfect combination of devilish and angelic traits in any other woman. Anna is hot like fire, but she knows how to be gentle whenever the situation requires. This emotional roller coaster will certainly give you chills.

beautiful curvy women

6. Karina

This female is cunning, careful, and attentive to details. She’s like a scanner who seeks the smallest imperfections in her date. But once you manage to make her laugh, all the boundaries between you will be erased instantly.

hot curvy women

5. Ivanka

This woman’s beauty is beyond comparison, while her poignant shapes only underline her unique appearance. She’s not into boring kind of guys who only pretend to be interesting. She’s looking for a womanizer who’ll turn her dirty wishes into reality.

sexy curvy women

4. Olga

With a woman like Olga, you can enjoy a lovely pillow talk, take a pause for coffee, and then go over again until both of you feel squeezed like lemons. Such a scenario is a dream come true for many guys. Perhaps you’re a lucky one too.

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3. Polina

You can play all kinds of nasty games with this lady and she won’t feel tired experimenting with you. The longing for novelty makes this stunning woman a lucky star of many men, so don’t hesitate to fill your life with new emotions.

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2. Anna

A passionate adventure seeker, this curvy girl is worthy of your consideration for dating. All it takes is a desire to win her over and readiness to try out new exciting things with her. This will be the road you’ll never forget.

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1. Alla

Dating one of curvy girls like Alla is like finding a treasure at the bottom of the ocean. You never expect to see it, but once you come across it, a sense of appreciation fills you up. Your pearl is waiting for you to be picked up, so don’t miss your chance.

curvy women