This review is dedicated to the analysis of the online dating services in 2019. The sampling targets the largest players in the segment of online dating and related entertainment services. The used methodology is based on the data retrieved from SimilarWeb that collects all the stats including total number of visits, platform of access, and the time of average visit duration. The primary goal of the review is to understand leadership dynamics among the existing players of the online dating segment. Device distribution and popular geography traffic are the main variables that explain the data placement. All the data has been taken in 2019, so it’s current and up-to-date.

Total Visits
Device Distribution
Avg. Visit Duration
Alexa Ranking
Desktop Mobile
Badoo 118.7M 42,89% 57,11% 0:11:03 1135
Tinder 73.84M 50,77% 49,23% 0:11:08 3525
PlentyofFish 53.33M 31,25% 68,75% 0:11:49 1442
OkCupid 25.88M 55,54% 44,46% 0:10:47 1220
Zoosk 23.02M 32,68% 67,32% 0:06:31 3525
AnastasiaDate 2.323M 43,86% 56,14% 0:10:11 10986

Popular Geography Traffic Sites
Badoo Brazil 11,89% Russia 9,24% France 8,39% Poland 7,45% Italy 4,15%
Tinder United States 13,89% Brazil 10,72% Poland 5,07% United Kingdom 4,76% Germany 4,26%
PlentyofFish United States 62,11% Canada 15,70% United Kingdom 12,14% Australia 3,24% Brazil 1,67%
OkCupid United States 51,81% Israel 5,83% United Kingdom 5,48% Germany 4,89% Canada 4,72%
Zoosk United States 72,60% Canada 8,68% United Kingdom 5,03% Australia 3,98% South Africa 1.24%
AnastasiaDate United States 29,48% Mexico 20,26% Israel 10,80% Ukraine 4,60% Canada 3,53%

According to the retrieved data, it is evident that Badoo has taken up the 2018 positions of Tinder. Total number of visits almost doubles that of Tinder according to the device distribution criteria. Popular Geography Traffic Sites also indicates that Baddo has leadership in such countries as Brazil, Russia, and France. Nonetheless, Tinder supremes in the USA and the UK. The least popular web service in this review is Anastasia Date that loses positions majorly to other competitors in Device Distribution and Popular Geography Traffic Sites categories. We haven’t included popular new players like Polishbride that have only entered the scene this year. Only veteran-statused dating services have been selected to take part in the review.